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Lauren Returns Home with Invaluable Experience

As the St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital says farewell to Lauren Wilkinson, her final report details her last experiences and expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to visit the Holy Land.

"On Thursday, we went to visit the hospital in Hebron. The Hebron hospital is situated in the heart of the city, having moved from the outskirts three years ago to make it more accessible to patients. The hospital is vital to the local communities, treating many patients daily - around 75% of those seen are refugees from camps in Bethlehem. The hospital offers treatment for a wide range of conditions, and offers surgery once a week to locals. I spent the morning with Huda, who was working with young patients. She showed me how they examine the children to diagnose their conditions, and explained to me the different techniques and tools that are used. "We spent our last day in the outpatient department of the hospital in Jerusalem. I spent the morning with Mosthafa who was working in the accident and emergency department. In the A and E department, they would see an average of 60-80 patients daily and treat a range of conditions, from foreign bodies in the eye to trauma, as well as to prepare patients for further investigative procedures by administering eye drops. "Through my time at the hospital, I have learnt so many things and had the opportunity to observe so many different procedures which will benefit me in my future career. My visit to the hospital was a fantastic experience, and it gave me the opportunity to not only see how the hospital operates, but to experience different cultures and was an amazing and invaluable experience."

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