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E Kt Stephen James Allen, PGtHer

Steve is the Provincial Vice-Chancellor for the Provincial Priory of Durham. The Vice-Chancellor is the main administrative officer of the Provincial Priory.

Steve started his working life as a Marine Engineering Officer, before moving into the food distribution and manufacturing industries. It was whilst working in manufacturing that he commenced working in the Hi-Fi loudspeaker division of a large international company, subsequently becoming the National Account Manager. Being approached by a photo distributor to head up their new Hi-Fi range, Steve sourced, launched and established Denon Hi-Fi onto the UK market; a company he continued to run for many years. Following this, he started his own marketing company, initially in the Hi-Fi industry, but later also in the photographic world. Steve holds various qualifications in engineering, marketing and business administration.

Steve was initiated into Freemasonry in Dundas Lodge No.7970 in the Province of Yorkshire (North and East Ridings), for whom he has served as Secretary for over ten years. In Royal Arch Masonry, he was a member and Scribe E of Erimus Chapter No.3474 until its closure.

Steve was installed as a Knight of the Order in St. Cuthbert Preceptory No.139, serving as Eminent Preceptor in 2012 and continues to serve the Preceptory as Registrar. He was first honoured with office in the Provincial Priory with the rank of Provincial Aide-de-Camp in 2013, followed by Provincial Captain of Guards in 2014, Provincial Deputy Marshal in 2015, before being appointed as Provincial Vice-Chancellor in 2017. In Great Priory, Steve was honoured with the the rank of Past Deputy Great Sword Bearer in 2017.

In addition to the above, Steve has been active in many other Masonic Orders, including the Rose Croix, Knights Templar Priests, the Knights Beneficent of the Holy City, the Pilgrim Preceptors and the Masonic Order of Athelstan.

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