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E Kt Christopher Mullaney PP2ndConst

Chris is the Provincial Almoner for the Provincial Priory of Durham. In this role, Chris hopes that the almoners of our fourteen Preceptories will work with him to support the welfare of our Brother Knights and widows, having the total support of the Provincial Prior and the Executive team.

Upon leaving school in Sunderland, Chris entered the Navy, which culminated in 31 years at sea with the Merchant Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service, with operations in the former Yugoslavia and on Operation Telic in Iraq. Chris was initiated into Freemasonry in 1979 at the age of 23 in the Lodge of Loyalty No.8635 in Sunderland, becoming Master of the Lodge in 2007. He was promoted to Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham in 2014. In Royal Arch Masonry, he is a member of Thornhill Chapter No.3216, serving as First Principal in 2010 and being promoted to Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in the Provincial Grand Chapter of Durham in 2015.

Chris was installed as a Knight of the Order in Finchale Preceptory No.222 in 2000, serving as Eminent Preceptor in 2009. He continues to serve the Preceptory as Almoner and Chaplain. He was first honoured with office in Provincial Priory as Provincial 2nd Herald with a subsequent promotion to Past Provincial 2nd Constable in 2015. He has also served as Provincial 2nd Lieutenant in the Provincial Priory of Malta.

In addition to the above, Chris is active in many other Masonic orders, including the Knights Templar Priests, Mark Master Masons, Rose Croix, and the Royal Order of Scotland.

Chris lives in Sunderland and has been married to Linda for forty years. He has two sons and two grandchildren.

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